Masters of the Broken Watches is the first in the series of five books. Each book stands on its own and they are also interconnected in addressing a set of larger humanitarian goals. They sit at the cross-section of global cultures, mysterious science, hard packed action adventure and human ingenuity. My goal is by using the art of storytelling, inspire readers to get involved with global challenges faced by humanity such as hunger, poverty, disease, illiteracy, and racism.

The first book Master of the Broken Watches introduces readers to the team of leading characters and their opening adventure. It is an ensemble cast of misfit humanitarian scientists, and researchers who have been shunned by leading academic institutions for their belief that living among us in this world are five hidden animals capable of lifting humanity and evolving mankind. They believe for our world to survive the devastating effects of malnutrition, poverty, diseases, and injustice driven by hatred of class, color, and ethnicity. Mankind has to evolve and these five hidden animals are the key.

The five hidden animals would help mankind evolve to conquer the following fundamental limitations:

  1. Time Bound – Humans are time bound and cannot use time to our advantage.
  2. Matter and Space Bound – We are spatially bound, meaning we cannot travel like quantum particles in the blink of an eye.
  3. Resources Bound – We have to mine and use Earth’s resources to survive as a species.
  4. Five Senses Bound – We see the world through only five senses. Our reality is based on what we see, feel, hear, smell and taste.
  5. Mono-verse Bound – We only live in a single universe.

Each book is based on mysterious experiences we have in our daily lives and readers would be able to associate with them. For example, how we all experience time slowing down or speed up and yet are unable to explain it. Or how we lose our keychain, phone, notebook only to find them exactly where we had searched 100s of times. Another appealing aspect of my books is the use of science to explain these mysterious experiences. Readers often start to believe the story is real or wish it was real. These books also introduce readers to the diversity of cultures, places, and people, sharing customs, and new locations. Readers will be able to visit the restaurants, coffee shops, villages and towns mentioned in the books, making it a physical bonding experience or even a virtual reality experience.