Your reality is not what you see, feel or live.

It is what you think, wonder and dream.

– Razi Imam

My books sit at the cross-section of global cultures, mysterious science, human ingenuity, and hard-hitting action adventure. Through the art of storytelling I hope to get readers involved in solving some of the greatest challenges we face as humanity – hunger, poverty, disease, and illiteracy.



When you’re in a near-death experience, people say time slows down. What if time does actually slow down? Or when people experience being at the right place at the right time. What if one could predict with certainty that right time and place?

Sebastian Miles, an adventure loving, risk-taking marine biologist accidentally discovers a new species that has the power to change the way we humans experience time. While performing research, he and his team are shocked by a logic-defying phenomenon–where during one experiment the world outside their lab jumps ahead by twenty-two hours.

News of this discovery soon reaches the heads of powerful governments and inadvertently triggers a global hunt to capture and control Sebastian and his team, their research and the species.

These leaders know that this one discovery would pivot the power equation and the group that control this species will have access to the greatest resource mankind has ever seen – Time. Sebastian and his team attempt to stay one step ahead of their pursuers, but are they willing to risk their lives—in order to share their discovery with all mankind?

About the author

Razi Imam is an award-winning author and technology entrepreneur. His debut novel MASTERS OF THE BROKEN WATCHES launched on April 21st, 2020 has won the 2020 American Fiction Book Award
He has an uncanny knack of creating stories that are a cross-section of global cultures, mysterious science, human ingenuity and hard-hitting action adventure. His dream has always been to write books that would inspire readers to get involved in solving some of the greatest challenges faced by humanity such as hunger, poverty, illiteracy and disease.
He is also the CEO of 113 Industries, an Artificial Intelligence company where his work in understanding human behavior inspire his stories

The Hidden Animals

My books are based on 5 hidden animals that are folklore and myths in some cultures. According to these myths these hidden animals are in our world and are behind most of the unexplained phenomenon that are experienced by humans in their daily lives. These hidden animals have the ability to uplift humanity to a whole new level of biological and social evolution.


You’ve probably seen the lithographs of the artist M.C. Escher, whose mind-bending optical illusions make you question the nature of reality. That’s the aptest comparison I can conjure for Razi Imam’s Masters of the Broken Watches. His debut novel is the literary equivalent of an Escher piece. It’s a bubbling stew of speculative science that makes you question the nature of time itself.

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Dennis Hetzel

Razi Imam‘s ‘Masters Of The Broken Watches‘ is an exciting new entrant to the science fiction genre.

This is a story that focuses on two groups of protagonists; a Vietnamese fisherman Pham Kai and his wife Minh, and the other on Sebastian Miles and his team of fellow scientists. The juxtaposition of these two worlds is stark and acts as a refreshing change in tone. Read More

Sebastian J. Brook

“Masters of the Broken Watches filters time, myth, science and philosophy through the taut structure of a political thriller, gaining momentum with each chapter, as its scientists urgently investigate an almost inexplicable bending of the curve of time.
When read against the latest theories of time, it raises fascinating questions of who we are…and who we think we are.”

Harold AugenbraumAmerican writer, former Executive Director of the National Book Foundation and Raven Award winner.

“The author has masterfully created a fantastic adventure while weaving in details predicated on scientific principles. The reader is empowered to vicariously experience this stimulating journey through the eyes of the protagonists. This novel is a captivating page-turner that is hard to put down.”

Andy Mecs

“I found the story quite compelling and the book was difficult to put down. The science fiction was extremely imaginative and the characters believable.”

Arnold Shoulder

“I was absorbed from the first page and couldn’t put it down! Such colorful &; vivid writing of a great action story interwoven with scientific facts and theory. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the characters and look forward to their further adventures!”

Lynne Zapadka

“As an avid reader, finding a book that is wondrously unique is like finding a rare gem. Masters of the Broken Watches is such a book! This science fiction thriller is an action-packed paged turner featuring exceptional and well-developed characters (some you’ll love; some you’ll love to hate!) and a plot that’s unlike any I’ve come across before. It’s comprised of all the things that make up a masterful story. The level of research the author had to perform in order to write this book is impressive to say the least. You will not want to put MOTBW down, and you’ll be left aching for a sequel. I highly, excitedly recommend!”

Ruth Netanel

“A rousing adventure. I finished MOTBW last night and thought it was excellent! I found it to be filled with so many clever, creative ideas and interesting characters who were constantly thrust into difficult situations I didn’t know how they were going to escape. For all the grandness of the story, it was the details included (the food, the technology, the settings) that really grabbed me and pulled me in. It’s a truly impressive work.”

Shad Connely

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